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In this day and age we all need to know what’s being said about us online. And in a way, it’s great that we can – imagine being able to monitor everything anyone said about you offline, good or bad – how cool would that be? Such a shame it can’t be done – but at least you can keep on top of your reputation online, with a few tools and a little time to set them up!Morag, 5 Ways to monitor your reputation (good or bad) online, Mar 2010

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ICST’s Reputation Index analysis is provided in collaboration with Liquid Publications, the LiquidPub Project and powered by their ResEval technology. Researchers defining their Reputation Index will be able to:

1) Specifically promote publications they wish to make more visible using the tool, providing a top ten listing if you will, of all their career publications… more at http://icst.org/reputation-index-ucount/

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