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We are developing a tool which is used to evaluate the research impact of individual scientists. Currently we are working on citation analysis part for evaluation. This tool shares many features which are provided by others like WOS, Scopus, Google Scholar etc. Moreover it has the capability to discern the self-citation of individuals.
Some interesting features includes: to find the top co-authors and top-citers of an author. More at http://project.liquidpub.org/reseval/


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The world of scientific publications has been largely oblivious to the advent of the Web and to advances in ICT. Even more surprisingly, this is the case even for research in the ICT area: ICT researchers have been able to exploit the Web to improve the (production) process in almost all areas, but not their own. We are producing scientific knowledge (and publications in particular) essentially following the very same approach we followed before the Web. Scientific knowledge dissemination is still based on the traditional notion of “paper” publication and on peer review as quality assessment method.
More information at http://project.liquidpub.org/

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